Writers in the Schools Initiative Puts Local Teens and UMSL Graduate Students in Vital Conversation

“The Muny is America’s oldest and largest outdoor musical theater. These shows encompass a diversity of style and genre. Ginger has been associated with us for many years, and since 2002, Ginger has compiled the show guidelines made available on our website. Ginger recognizes The Muny’s tradition as a special St. Louis experience for nearly 400,000 people each summer, and she understands the demographic makeup of our audience.  We are grateful for her keen insight and professional standards. Feedback from customers has been extremely positive and appreciative.”

— Dennis M. Reagan, Muny President & CEO

“Ginger and I attended Northwestern University together. I am a native French speaker and I was always astounded at Ginger’s ability to translate English literature into French. Her translations are accurate and precise, and she was always able to maintain the language register. Ginger has a natural talent for translation, and this is all the more impressive given that French is not her mother tongue. I fully endorse her translation skills.”

— Maya Nadison, Native French Speaker and PhD Candidate at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

“Ginger O’Donnell has only been writing for Sixty Inches from Center for three months, but she’s proven to be an incredibly reliable source of fascinating articles and interviews with a particular focus on young artists. She always seems to have at least three pieces in the making, and I’m always eager to read each one. Ginger also excels in bringing her ideas to fruition–she has an intuitive grasp of the best flow for an interview and a knack for asking interesting and perceptive questions. We are exceedingly proud to have her on board our organization.”

— Reuben Westmaas, Editor, Sixty Inches from Center

“I have known Ginger for three years as both a colleague and in my role as Arts Instructional Advisor for the Chicago High School for the Arts. Ginger is particularly effective at integrating the delivery of content with the practice of literacy skills. Her students read at a variety of levels, so she has focused on the differentiated delivery of content and the development of skills so that all students can access the material. As a colleague, Ginger is friendly and supportive of other teachers. Ginger demonstrates flexibility in her approach to her classes and has developed an array of routines and procedures that support students in making the transition from a dance technique class to a more traditional academic setting.”

— Tina Boyer Brown, Arts Instructional Advisor, English Teacher, ChiArts

“I served as Ginger’s Webster University supervisor. Ginger is a gifted and creative planner. She brings a wealth of cultural experience to her teaching in addition to an impressive foundation of knowledge in her field. She is able to use these assets to enrich her student’s studies, providing approaches to required units that her students find more interesting and relevant to their perspective on life.”

— Carole Tipton, Supervisor, Pre-Service Teachers, Webster University

“As a student teacher at Marquette, Ginger demonstrated a well-rounded mastery in the language arts content area. She created challenging lessons that addressed the ninth grade honors curriculum/learning targets. She encouraged her students to think and write analytically about the novels and plays they read in class. She stressed the importance of grammar and vocabulary as a means to better her students’ writing. Her bright honors students respected her authority and appreciated her intelligence. Furthermore, when it came to evaluating our current curriculum for our upcoming curriculum rewrite, Ginger researched and suggested some new titles to add to the new ninth grade curriculum.”

— Jocelyn Fretwell, English Teacher at Marquette High School

“Ms. O’Donnell loves words. For every project we have, she will first give us an example that she has created on her own. She’s really dedicated to making sure that her students are well informed.”

— Taylah Thomas, former student

“As Development Associate at Greasy Joan, Ginger was an enormous asset to our team.  She managed our Group Sales effort with an incredible attention to detail and professional polish.  Aside from her role in Development, she was also ready to jump in to any other project that required attention – from striking sets to  assisting at our fundraising events to putting up posters.  Ginger really made it happen at Greasy Joan!”

— Katie Swimm, PhD Candidate, Theatre History, Tufts University


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