Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 5.08.57 PMGinger O’Donnell is the assistant editor of INSIGHT Into Diversity and DiversityIS magazines, two national publications focused on diversity and inclusion in higher education and K-12 education, respectively. Previously, she was a freelance writer and teacher. She taught a variety of subjects, including creative writing, American Literature, and musical theatre history and literature at Grand Center Arts Academy in Saint Louis, Missouri. At The Chicago High School for the Arts, she taught dance history and musical theatre history. Meanwhile, she taught humanities at UNO Rogers Park High School. She has an MAT in Communication Arts from Webster University and a B.A. in Performance Studies from Northwestern University, during which she studied French theatre and translation in Arles, France, translating a French play called Illusions Comiques. Ginger is constantly seeking to grow as both a creative writer and a journalist, recently┬átaking courses in the University of Missouri — St. Louis’ MFA program in Creative Writing, a short story writing class at Saint Louis Writers’ Workshop, as well as completing NPR’s mini journalism school.

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