The following are samples of my writing on a variety of topics. If you would like similar topics for your publication, please contact me about my freelance writing services.

Arts & Culture

Homegrown Talent: Where Are The Muny Kids & Teens Today? 

The Wee Heavies

Head Over Heels

Something New: Picture Perfect

Aloha to Love

2016 Season Muny Show Guidelines

Dance Teacher Magazine: Bringing the Past to Life

Dance Teacher Magazine: One Class Fits All, Designing Classes For Mixed Levels

Inside ChiArts: Chicago Artists in the Making: Bruce Bennett and Gabby Ochoa

Inside ChiArts: Chicago Artists in the Making: Harlan Ballogg

Inside ChiArts: Chicago Artists in the Making: Shaquita Reed

Inside ChiArts: Chicago Artists in the Making: Madeline Finn

The Muny: Show Guidelines

Losing It In The Grocery Store: Food Moments in Film and TV

Analysis of the Characters in “Troilus and Cressida”

Several States Restrict Travel to Those with Anti-LGBTQ Laws

2018 U.S. Women’s Marches Focus on Midterm Elections, Call for Women to Vote and Run for Office


All Means All at Saint Louis Public Schools

Educating for Change

Teaching Gifted Learners

Higher Education (PROSPER) Act: Free Speech or Discrimination? 

Remembering Dr. Wanda Mitchell

As DACA’s Fate Remains Unknown, New Study Shows How It Transforms Lives 

New Framework Guides Institutions in Supporting Mental Health Needs of Students of Color 

Experts Say Arming Teachers Would Put Students, Especially Minorities, at Risk

GOP’s Final Tax Plan Proposes Excise Tax on Some Private University Endowments

Study Reveals Need for More Support, Flexibility from Institutions to Ensure Success of Adult Female Students

Institutions Reassess Policies for Bestowing and Rescinding Honorary Degrees, Awards in Wake of Sexual Misconduct Scandals

MUSC College of Pharmacy Alumni Create Two New Scholarships for Minority Students

Greek Organizations Face Crisis on College Campuses Across the Country

Notre Dame Embroiled in Controversy over Contraceptive Coverage

African-American Student Athletes Experience Record-Setting Graduate Rates

New GOP Tax Plan Places Heavy Financial Burden on Students and Universities 

Perceived Gender Bias Leads More Women to Pursue Lower-Paying Fields, Study Shows

Students in Veterans Affairs Residency Program Gain Clinical Experience While Serving Veterans

U.S. Institutions Struggle to Serve Low-Income and Minority Students Amid Government Skepticism 

Creative Teaching and Learning: Food for Thought

Grand Center Creative Writing


“Divine Sonnet X” Analysis

The Effect of the First Person Narrative in “All Quiet on the Western Front”

What Is the Difference Between M.Ed. & MAT? 

Good Science Research Topics for Ninth Graders

College Admissions GPA Weight Vs. Standardized Test

Top Dramaturgy Schools

The Recommended Schools for a Degree in Stage Management

Academic Self-Efficacy Measurement

Good Universities to Get a PhD in Music

My Learning Style Is Gustatory


Food for Thought” target=”_blank”>Creative Teaching and Learning: Food For Thought

Great Shtuff to Know About Potatoes

Warrior One, Cinnamon Bun: Going with the Flow in the Kitchen

Baking with Lye

Difference Between Strained Tomatoes & Tomato Puree

What Is Framboise Sauce?

How to Use Apple Juice Instead of Apple Cider

Tricks for Baking a Red Velvet Cake From a Box

Cooking Tools for Baked Chicken & Salmon

Baking Cookies With Greek Yogurt


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